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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Dilberto on Sun Dec 29 11:26:20 MST 2013
Hi, NxP guys !
As a self-confessed fan of NxP, I have using LPC21, LPC23, LPC11 and LPC12 families and now, started to play with the awesome LPC800.
Recently, I was awarded with the LPC800-Mini-Kit, which I'm using to learn some tricks about this part. Nice board.
But I'd like to suggest, in future releases of the LPC800-Mini-Kit, to change the LED driving pin from pin 4 ( SWDIO / PIO0_2 / TMS ) to pin 5 ( ISP invoke / PIO0_1 / ACMP_I2 / CLKIN / TDI ). The way hardware is presently wired precludes use of LED and Serial Wire Debugger simultaneously. The wiring here suggested, in addition to release SWDIO for debugging, doesn't  preclude ISP, since ISP pin is needed only at startup. Of course, in order to match the current capacity of the LPC810, a small transistor must be used to drive the LED, with a high resistor at its base, so we can drive the LPC800 ISP pin safely to GND via this high resistor.
   And, as a bonus, you'll have a visual indication of pressing ISP key. :-)