LPC824 ADC with DMA example?

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I need to read from the LPC824 ADC at close to the maximum sample rate.  I'm using SCT0_OUT3 to trigger a sampling operation at regular intervals. My target rate is 480ksps (only one ADC channel needed). I'm currently using an ADC interrupt handler to copy the ADC data register into a SRAM buffer but I can't reach that sampling speed with that approach (ISR works at 240ksps, but at 320ksps it misses every second sample).

I guess ADC data direct to SRAM using a DMA channel would be ideal. But the setup seems rather complex, and I can't find any examples. Any pointers would be great.

Also any other suggestions for achieving the same thing? (I'm currently reading about ADC burst mode, but it's not clear if I can achieve regular sampling from SCT0_OUT3 with that approach).