Target marked as not debuggable with OM13053

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Hi All,

I have a OM13053 with LPC812 on it. I am using LPCXpresso v7.9.0. I was playing with the code and I changed PINENABLE0. I disabled the SWDIO/SWCLK/RESET functions and now I can not talk to chip any more. I got errors like this:

  02: Failed on connect
  Target marked as not debuggable.
  Emu(0): Connected. Was: NotConnected. CpuID: 00000000. Info: HID64HS12

I realized I should not do this since I am debugging the chip through these pins. I tried to put a break point as soon as it entered the ResetISR and hoping that right after reset, I can still talk to the chip and it did work.

Is there anything else I can try to save it? Otherwise I will have to change the chip on the board.