Need to hire person to make smartphone quick jack OM13069 trigger a flash when I take a photo with my iphone or ipad.

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Hello I am the owner of a photobooth manufacturing company and we are using ipads with a custom app that basically takes 4 photos and prints them out immediately using an airprint printer.

Some events we are at have very poor lighting and it would be great if we could take photos with a flash that would freeze the action and also make the photos look better.
I found the smartphone quick jack OM13069 board.

Would it be possible for this device to trigger  a flash? The flash can be trigger via a 3.5mm jack basically when the circuit is closed the flash will fire.
If this is not possible we could probably also get an optical slave for the flash. then the flash would be triggered by a sudden bright light.

I think the hardest part would be getting the flash to fire at the right time since there is a delay as the camera focuses and does auto exposure. I think the app would need to have the camera on manual focus and exposure on manual as well so that these delays were eliminated.

Is there a company that would create this solution for us? If so please give very rough pricing and contact me info@photo-booth.biz or 704-726-9788
Thank you.