Setting VTOR in LPC812

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Rorrik on Wed Nov 12 13:15:14 MST 2014
I'm trying to set VTOR on my LPC812, but the best sytax I can come up with for this is:

SCB->VTOR = (0x1000);

But I get an error that SCB doesn't have a member named VTOR. While the user manual says you can use it in Section 3.3.3, and it references the ARMv6-M Architecture Reference Manual, which also seems to imply that the VTOR is implemented, this forum topic says you cannot change the VTOR in Cortex-M0, or in ARMv6.

So, 1) Can I change the VTOR on my device? 2) What would the syntax actually be for accessing this register?