Can you use all pins as a general purpose port?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by GMO on Tue Aug 25 06:42:38 MST 2015
This is probably very easy to do but I am very new to coding and would like some help. I am using an 812 board. I want to create a simple demonstration where switches can turn LEDs on and off using an ‘if else’ command. I have written the code for the lights and the switches and it works fine for most pins.

However some pins have another function and I am having difficulty using them as a general purpose pin (and turn them high or low). The pins I am having difficulty with are:

PIO0_5: RESET function (pin is always HIGH)
PIO_2: SWDIO and TMS (pin always high)
PIO0_10 and PIO0_11: SDA and SCL (pins always low)

I want to know where the code is that controls these pins (which header file etc.) and how I should change it so that they are general ports.

Any help would be appreciated or a link to another thread on this topic 