WKT wakeup from Deep Power Down

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by arpel on Sat Mar 22 10:22:11 MST 2014
I'm designing a battery powered application for which I need to use the deep power down capability.
I've gone step by step with each PM mode and got used to selecting the WKT clock source, PCON way of working and WFI()s.

I'm now struggling with the deepest sleep mode, I've achieved to program Deep Power Down, wake up by WKT and at least it wakes up on time, goes through the reset process (as expected) and I'me able to detect the reset origin thanks to the PMU_PCON_DPDFLAG.

Once in the main() after reset from DPD I can't have any interrupt or GPIO working (and of course they where working before the sleep). As the program executed is actually exactly the same (due to the reset kind of wake up) I don't understand why it's not working.

Thanks for your help on that topic !