LPC800 Pong!

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by gertk on Sun Jul 14 14:39:13 MST 2013
Having received the demo board I could not wait to try some stuff on this tiny controller.
The datasheet states that the clock frequency can be adjusted to a maximum of 30 MHz, the demo code defaults to 20 MHz.

With some cut and paste work in the system_LPC800.h file I managed to get the LPC to run at 30 MHz but it seems that it only works correctly if I execute the SystemCoreClockUpdate() call at the beginning of my main routine. What is the correct way to set the frequency ?

BTW, the code I am fiddling with is a PONG clone generating PAL video output using the SPI port as videoshifter and the MRT as horizontal sync (interrupt)timer. I am planning to use the analog comparator pins as paddle inputs.

So far I am quite impressed with the speed of the LPC800 and the quality of the LPCxpresso compiler.