lpcxpresso/lpc812 -- new project issues (no board.h, error with SYSCTL_CLOCK_SWM

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by snowball on Thu Jan 23 19:55:34 MST 2014
Got the latest lpcxpresso set up, tried some of the examples with the lpc8xx eval board, no problems.

Went to create a new project and firstly, I find that the user guide is out of date, lpcxpresso also offers LPCOpen options.  If you pick them it wants to link against projects for the "chip" and "board" -- no documentation as to what this actually means.

I created a non-LPCOpen project, added driver_lib and tried to built it *without* any modifications, it fails because there's no board.h.  Not good, it should be possible to build an "null" project like this.

I removed the references to NO_BOARD_LIB and "board.h" and got it to compile.

Next, I used the "LPC Initializer and pinmux" app to generate a SwitchMatrix_Init() function for my particular pinmux config on an lpc812.  Cut & paste the code in and it fails because SYSCTL_CLOCK_SWM is undefined.

What steps do I need to take to create to get just an empty, compilable project going for the lpc8xx with lpcxpresso?