Flash Magic cannnot connect to LPC810

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I have two LPC810s,under the same wiring(see the image below),
One can be connected by Flash Magic,and the other one cannot be ( "the Operation Failed.(failed to autobaud - Step1) message" showed when ISP -> Read Security).

So my question is,is there a way to tell the reason is that some pins are just switched off by Switch Matrix Tool(maybe I did before) or the MCU was damaged.

I tried to Boot the failed one into ISP mode following the "Regaining debug access to target MCU" FAQ,but wihout a success.

May be I'm not understanding the procedure correctly,the one I followed is
>The procedure is then to GND the ISP pin, assert RST, then remove the GND to ISP pin.
1.GND the ISP pin(pin 5)
2.GND the RST pin(pin 1)
3.power on
4.pull the Jumper wire of ISP PIN

Thanks in advance.

2016/03/23 updated:
Also,I cannot debug the damaged(?) LPC810 using LPCXpresso IDE,while the other LPC810 works well.
Can it be that the CRP mode is set so that I can neither go into ISP mode nor connect by Flash Magic,If this is the case,Is there a way to recover from it?