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I decided to use NXP for my next project. A autopilot to planner, rovers and multi-copters. With open-source license.

But I have some doubts.

At first I had thought to use a LPC1769 + LPC2141 as explained in AN10898, + other Cortex-m0+ to Bosch Sensors.

But now I have seen the LPC54102 integrating a Cortex-M4 and Cortex-M0 and seems to be improved drones but can not find the LQFP64 package. In this reference it is only DigiKey LPC54102J512UK49Z and it has a package 49-WLCSP (Ball Grid Array).

Also I need to know if there is a library and the module (footprint in LQFP) of LPC54102 for Kicad.  Because it would have to create them manually. In both cases I need to know if the LQFP64 package will be available in production.

In this web page say that FreeRTOS+CLI and FreeRTOS+FAT are for free commercial licenses to users of LPC17xx and LPC18xx microcontrollers, it's also applicable to LPC54102 ?


Note that users of LPC17xx and LPC18xx microcontrollers also qualify for free commercial licenses for FreeRTOS+CLI and FreeRTOS+FAT SL. Also see the FreeRTOS page on NXP's LPCWare website.

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