LPC5411x - JTAG boundary scan and SWD / Flexcomm pin descriptions

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since there is no dedicated forum for the LPC5411x yet, I will post my questions here:

in contrast to previous devices according to datasheet v1.3 LPC5411x uses four separate pins for SWDIO/TMS and SWCLK/TCK. Can I re-connect them to use only one single 10pin-header for SWD-debugging and JTAG boundary scan, or are there technical reasons for spreading these functions to separate pins?

Is /TRST an optional pin for boundary scan, since it it missing on the 10-pin cortex debug connector? Segger uses Pin 9 for /TRST, which is labeled as GNDDetect. Will connecting /TRST to pin 9 interfere with LPCLink2/SWD?

PIO0_23 and PIO0_25 have ambiguous descriptions in table 4 - I assume RTS is in both cases correct for FC1 and FC4?