Integrating the LPC54102 and MC33908 for Safety Applications

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I'm connecting (trying it  :) ) a MC33908N and LPC54102 and I have some doubts, to see if you can help me.

I followed the AN4442 (Rev.2, 2014)  Integrating the MPC5643L and MC33908 for Safety Applications and AN5099 (rev.0,4/2015). I have not found a AN to integrate the LPC54102 but I guess that is similar to MPC5643L.

I need to power a LPC54102 and other periphericals with 3,3V from a 12V battery (normally Yuasa, 12V (16A, 18A, 20A) similar to this for Yamaha VX 2009-2012 http://www.yuasa.co.uk/ytx20hl-bs-pw.html). 

The circuit is to be powered generally by Yamaha VX/VX110 and/or BRP SeaDoo GTI 130 (of any year). And it is connected to Accesories Bus from the PWC. This bus has a mini auto fuse of 15A (LittlelFuse).

Supplying power devices are as follows:

LPC54102  -- 3V3 - I think as much 10mA.
BMX055  --  About 5.5mA
BMP280  --  2.7uA
Telit SL869 GPS --  3V3  Acquisition GPS+GLO = 67 mA
Adeunis NB868-500mW  --  3V3  -- Tx=700mA(27dbm) :: Rx=35mA

I believe that I can connect to VCore (3.3V) of MC33908 the LPC54102, BMX055, BMP280 and Telit SL869 GPS, but the NB868-500mW It consumes 700 mA when transmitting, and I think the VCore the MC33908 can only deliver up to 300mA (please correct me if I'm wrong). If so, then where I can connect the NB868-500mW?

I attach a portion of the schematic in pdf because I'm having problems when exporting to pdf in KDE with Kicad.  Anyway you can see it from Kicad ,  https://github.com/jetremote/JetRemoteXP

Sorry me english.

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