Audio DAC UDA1330

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by IanB on Mon Nov 23 10:05:02 MST 2015
Has anyone tried interfacing a UDA1330 audio DAC to the SPI port?

All the data sheet timing diagrams show BCLK as a continuous signal at a fixed frequency, usually 1/64 of MCLK;  but SPI would output it as a burst of 16 clocks which a gap at each end of the LRCLK frame. Doing this does not violate any of the timing specifications in the data sheet.

It works perfectly well on Wolfson DACs, but, alas, Wolfson is no more; having been taken over by Cirrus, who immediately discontinued all the nice Wolfson parts. And it doesn't work with Cirrus DACs.

(I would have liked to ask NXP technical support about this, but the registration page won't work on Safari; and you need to register before you could tell the webmaster of this problem!)