New LPCXpresso 54102 project with M0 core as master and M4 as slave.

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by andypevy on Thu Apr 09 06:01:59 MST 2015

     I am trying to set up a new project where I have the M0 core running as the master
that will be driving all my measuring devices, and the M4 core processing any of the data
that meets certain criteria.

I can find demo projects where the M0 is the slave, but not the M4.

Is there any guidance as to how to set this up please ?.

I know the M4 is responsible for booting the device(s) when it initially starts, and
will then start the M0, but all the example code then has the M0 as slave and not the M4.

Also, is there any news on the arrival of the 54102 please ??.

Andy Pevy