arm-uclinuxeabi- have same problem

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by hujiafu on Thu Mar 24 06:59:23 MST 2016
I was porting the lpc1788 on uclinux. and use arm-uclinuxeabi-gcc
when I porting minigui, it used libc.a and libpthread.a, but it caused SEVG error.
finally I found the libc.a and libpthread.a compilered as ARM code (32bit), but Lpc1788 is based on cortex-m3, it's only support Thumb code (16 bit), so I must compiler libc and libpthread by myself.
However the glibc check my cross toolchain and reported the arm-uclinuxeabi-ld is too old.
my toolchain is arm-2010q1-uclinux .
1. can any one have new version toolchain for uclinux ?
2. the  arm-uclinuxeabi-gcc is used uclibc or glibc ?
can any one help me?
thank you !!!