Secondary Bootloader LPC 54102

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Hi NXP Support,

I am working on building a secondary bootloader for the LPC54102 Sensor processing board. I am using LPCXpresso IDE v7.7.2. So far I built a SBL that can boot and pass control to the user application. I tried with two user applications blinky and sensorhub. Removed the board project from both so that the chip can be used on a custom board. Both applications work well independently without the SBL.

When I load the sensor user applicaiton on top of the SBL it works as expected. However when I try to load the blinky it doesn't work.

I made the same changes on both the user applications. The cr_startup_lpc5410x.c has been modified as specified in AN11610 LPC5410x I2C SPI bootloader and also the flash start location have been modified.

Please find attached image of SBL main.c code