OpenOCD 0.8.0 released

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by Pacman on Sun Apr 27 05:20:53 MST 2014
For those, who use OpenOCD, I'd like to mention that OpenOCD 0.8.0 was released 59 minutes ago from this posting.

The list of changes is very large, but those changes I personally find interesting are:
  [*]Improved support for ARM micrcontrollers
  [*]Better stability
  [*]Big Endian support

What it means:
  [*] The past year, the development team have been focusing mainly on ARM, CMSIS-DAP/SWD.
  [*] The team has also been focusing very much on bug-fixing, not implementing new features.
  [*] OpenOCD works much better on these platforms, including Mac PPC and 68xxx based platforms.

I've successfully flashed LPC812, LPC1112, LPC1342 and LPC1751 using SWD from a Mac PPC.
In addition, I've successfully flashed LPC43xx with on-chip flash from the Mac PPC, so if anyone else having trouble with Big Endian hosts, I recomend trying out this new release.

For details on this update, you can read more here (you can't click the link, so you'll have to copy/paste it): [color=#00f]http[/color][color=#00f]:[/color][color=#00f]//[/color][color=#00f]openocd[/color][color=#00f].[/color][color=#00f]sourceforge[/color][color=#00f].[/color][color=#00f]net[/color].

(Note: I'm sorry for the multiple posts of links, but this is especially relevant for LPC8xx, 11xx and 13xx, so I wanted to make sure that people who only attend those forums, would also get the chance to see it).