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Codewarrior under VMware randomly thinks it unlicensed (when licensed by disk ID)

Question asked by TREVOR KELLAWAY on May 16, 2008
Latest reply on May 16, 2008 by Tom Thompson

I'm running the "Codewarrior for HC12 V4.6" command line compiler under VMware server 1.05 in a guest XP SP2 box for our nightly builds.

This has been working fine for months but occassionally Codewarrior thinks it is no longer licensed ("ERROR C5300: Limitation: code size 4577 > 1024 bytes").

This machine is licensed based on disk ID (rather than Ethernet MAC), and obviously the C: disk volume ID hasn't changed.

Has anyone else seen this sort of problem?

Sometimes a reboot will cure this (Our guest XP virtual machine is also configured to reboot everyday at 1:30am), but sometimes not. We have not managed to track down why this is failing.

Note, we've seen the same issue when hosting under VMware server on Linux, and VMware server on Windows.

Any ideas much appreciated.