Source of elfdwt.exe or similar tool to modify/patch axf/elf?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by capiman on Sat Mar 14 02:05:30 MST 2015

in KEIL environment there could be an afterbuild-step with elfdwt.exe, to create the NXP (vector/bootloader) checksum into AXF.
This is needed to correct the checksum, otherwise the flashed program is not started by built-in bootloader.

Does someone know if there is some open source tool to do such a thing?
I want to patch an AXF file with some own info. Patching the HEX file is too late,
because I also want to download and debug the patched AXF file.

An AXF file seems to be similar to an ELF file, perhaps there is some tool for ELF, which I can use (or take as base for modifications)?

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