Finding LPC MCU board information on new nxp.com website

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Following the NXP/Freescale merger, the nxp.com website has undergone major updates. With such a large integration of two sites, we have a few issues to clear up, so please bear with us. The URLs from the old site for LPC MCU boards currently dont have re-directs in place. You can find the ordering information by searching for the boards by the OM number (e.g. OM13070) if you know it. The old URLs were of the form http://www.nxp.com/demoboard/OMxxxxx.html but are now longer, for example:

Old form:


New form:


You can find boards available for any particular MCU by selecting it from the Products tab for the device family you are interested in. Click on a device then select Software / Hardware Tools from the menu that pops up.

For software (from NXP) related to our Solution kits please check this site (lpcware.com) and use Search or Downloads (on the home page) to find Solution information.