Was working, but now unable to debug.

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      I realize that this is covered by some FAQ entries, but none of the solutions they describe work for me.

I have an OM13077 dev board, that was working last week. I returned from a short break and now I cannot debug it.

It is running on Win7 Pro, using V7.7.2_379 and trying to load a completely unaltered periph_blinky project.

When I plug the USB debug cable in, I get the bong bing sound and the device manager indicates that
the debug board (LpcDevice) shows up, and the task manager shows the Redlink server running after I
press the chain icon (Not sure I have to do this, but...).

As soon as I tell the IDE to debug the project, I get the Bing Bong sound indicating that the USB device has been
unloaded, it's entry disappears from the device manager, and I get the following popup appear :-

Error: Error reported by server (redlinkserv.exe):
RedlinkAPI: Wire Ack Fault - target connected ?
Redlink Server has been terminated and will be restarted.
Please restart your debug session.
If the problem recurs, please power cycle your debug probe and restart LPCXpresso.

I have restarted, rebooted, plugged into a different USB port, reinstalled the USB drivers
all to no avail.

This was working perfectly last Thursday but now won't allow me to debug.

Where do I go from here please ???.