ROM-SPIM Delay between transmitted data bytes.

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      I am using the demo ROM Based SPIM interrupt code to talk to a device.

I have set SPI0 up as follows :-

#define SPI_BITRATE  (15000000)

/* Set SPI transfer configuration */
  spimConfig.dXferBitRate = SPI_BITRATE;
  spimConfig.mode = ROM_SPI_CLOCK_CPHA0_CPOL0;
  spimConfig.lsbFirst = 0;
  spimConfig.dataBits = 8;
  spimConfig.PreDelay = 0;
  spimConfig.PostDelay = 0;
  spimConfig.FrameDelay = 0;
   spimConfig.TransferDelay = 1;

The MCU is running at 96MHz.

I am seeing a byte taking 580nS to be transmitted which I would expect,
however, I am then seeing a delay of 5.6uS before the next byte gets sent.

Is this what I should expect ?.

Is there any way of reducing the inter byte delay ?.