Availability of CAN bus in small packages

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I am fond of NXP  Cortex Mx microcontrollers (like LPC824, LPC11C24, LPC1549, LPC1769, LPC4330) which are all very good products.

I plan to design an industrial miniature smart sensor and I need a CAN interface. I have spent a lot of time searching an NXP M0 or M3 controller in a small package (TSSOP 16/20 HVQFN33 or even WLCSP) in vain. The smallest footprint currently available for CAN bus enabled NXP microcontrollers seems to be the QFP48 (LPC11C24 or LPC154X).

So my question: is there a plan at NXP to release M0/M3 controllers with CAN buses in very small packages (LPC = Low Pin Count !)

Thank you.
Michel Kuenemann