using lpcxpresso with a lpc2458 custom board

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by pmorrell@1stdetect.com on Tue Mar 10 13:40:22 MST 2015

We are wanting to switch over from Keil's IDE to LPCXpresso for some development work using the LPC2458 micrcontroller on a custom board.

I cant seem to be able to determine exactly what pod I need in download to the 2458 from the desktop.

I have been using keil's ulink2 with their IDE successfully, but I cant make it function with LPCXpresso 7.6.2. I have seen the webpage on stating CMSIS-DAP pods arent supported.

Is there another pod available that can be used with LPCXpresso to program the lpc2458 on our custom board?

thanks in advance.