CMSIS-DAP v2 firmware for LPC-Link2 / LPCXpresso V2+V3 boards

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by NXP_Support on Mon Nov 17 13:47:06 MST 2014
<h1>V2 CMSIS-DAP + bridge firmware update released</h1>

The v2.00 CMSIS-DAP firmware release improves CMSIS-DAP performance and reliability, adds a VCOM bridge between the host machine and the target MCU's UART (LPCXpresso V2/V3 boards), and adds LPCSIO bridge support for communication between the host machine and I2C/SPI interfaces on the target MCU (LPCXpresso V3 boards). The release includes the LPC-Link 2 Configuration Tool, a Windows based tool that updates the firmware on the LPC-Link 2 and LPCXPresso V2/V3 boards.

To download the tool, please visit: