JN5168 ZigBee UnicastAckDataRequests are sent twice over the air

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Hello, I'm posting here because I did not find any other NXP/Jennic support community, so feel free to move the post or point me to the right place.

My basic goal is to send custom data between a node and the Coordinator on JN5168 ZigBee MCUs.
I populate my hAPduInst (Handle of APDU instance to be sent) and send it using the following function

uint16 u16NwkAddress = 0x00;  /* coordinator */
ZPS_teStatus zpsStatus = ZPS_eAplAfUnicastAckDataReq(s_hAPduInst,
0xFDDD,/* custom cluster */
147,/* source endpoint */
147,/* dest endpoint */
u16NwkAddress,/* dest address */
0 /* default radius */,
NULL);/* we won't track the TSN */
if (ZPS_E_SUCCESS == zpsStatus)

My payloads are quite huge so I enabled fragmentation in both coordinator and nodes. When I send 4 payloads in a loop using ZPS_eAplAfUnicastAckDataReq I see that some are sent over the air twice, even if there are 4 "SUCCESS" on debug output.
How can I solve this bug? Any suggestion on how to investigate the situation is welcome.

I started from JN-AN-1135-Smart-Energy-HAN-Solutions project and customized it.

My IDE and libraries are:
JN-SW-4041 Jennic toolchain v1.1
JN-SW-4064 ZigBee Smart Energy 1.x v993

Thank you.