LPC2478 Reset problem

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by tonko on Thu Nov 15 00:53:43 MST 2012
I have problems with reset on LPC2478 Board.
Board start normaly almost every time, but in very rare cases LPC2478 does not start.
For example Today I try to reset it aprox. 200 times and it always start properly.
Yesterday happends few times one after another that LPC2478 didn't start.

I checked if BOOT-Loader is active, but Flash Magic didn't conect with LPC.
Quartz 12Mhz does not start in case of reset failure.
On P2[10] I have pull-up 10K to VCC.
On Reset pin I have only 10K resistor to VCC. I know that there should be also capacitor to GND, but for now I don't have it, and I want to find reason why Reset does not work properly before I will put capacitor to GND.

Is it possible that 0.1uF capacitor from Reset to GND will solve problem permanently ?
LPC2478 has Brown-out detect circuit and I think that there should be no problems if I don't have capacitor.
Or should I use reset generator chip with delayed reset (TPS3801 or similar) ?

Any suggestions appreciated