mxli-3.0 released

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by MarcVonWindscooting on Mon Apr 28 18:17:12 MST 2014
I finally finished a re-write of the open source LPC ISP flash utility mxli.  :)
At the moment it's Linux only. It supports nearly every LPC microcontroller from built-in tables and should support virtually every (future) LPC ARM microcontroller by command-line definition. mxli is made for the command line and designed specifically for use in scripts.  As an example: you can dump mxli's full device database (in mxli command line syntax) with a one-line shell loop  :bigsmile: :

$ mxli -Q --deviceList | while read d; do mxli --deviceDefinition -Qu"$d" ; done

A comprehensive manual is provided (PDF and Unix man page). Only by reading this manual you can get an idea of the possibilities offered by mxli.
Most testing was performed on LPC4357, LPC176x and LPC81x.

mxli can be found here:

If you compile mxli on any other platform than Linux, I'd like to know. In fact, I expect porting to a new platform to be an effort of half a day. The Linux-specific part of mxli is concentrated into the first 105 lines of code - that's it!