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I developed LPC2387 board by own for my home automation project. I burn my IC using flashmagic. In my code I select ROM at address @0x2000 location. My software run on internal oscillator. I developed my code by help of sample code bundle for LPC2300.  My PLL section as below

#define PLL_MValue35
#define PLL_NValue0
#define CCLKDivValue23

/* System configuration: Fosc, Fcclk, Fcco, Fpclk must be defined */
/* PLL input Crystal frequence range 4KHz~20MHz. */
#define Fosc4000000
/* System frequence,should be less than 72MHz. */
#define Fcclk12000000
#define Fcco288000000   

I am using keil uvision5 IDE for my development. 
In simulation my code running properly. But on my board my code doesn't work. I simply toggle port 0. I attach my code below.

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