Reset behavior of LPC2368

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I'm having an issue with the LPC236x reset behaviour: On all my boards the RESET# signal is being completely ignored. When pulling RESET# (pin 17 on FBD100 package) to GND, nothing happens. The low does not even show up on RESET_OUT# (pin 14). The LPC just continues running.

* LPC2364 and LPC2368 in FBD100 package
* connection of dedicated pins as on Keil MCB2300 (...maybe I'm missing something here?)
* RESET# connected on pin 17

Really tested:
I must admit, that I would not believe it if someone told me. Therefore I really tried to touch pin 17 of the package directly with a GND connection to exclude the possibility of a bad solder joint or whatever. But the state of the RESET# pin is definitely ignored.

I could imagine the following reasons:

1) There is some possibility of disabling the RESET# input by the setup of the other dedicated pins (debug port etc). Actually I'm quite sure that I have the same setup as Keil does on the MCB2300, but maybe I'm not seeing something.

2) There is any possibility of disabling the RESET# input by software, which I'd find very unlikely.

3) There is an issue on my controllers. But I tested 2 different LPCs explicitly for this behaviour and they behave identical.

4) Any other idea?

I'd expect the most likely reason to be that it is possible to turn off the RESET# input by hardware and I'm doing this by accident. But I did not find any documentation about that and no reports of other users.

Do you have any idea what could be the reason for this behaviour?

And again: The low on  pin 17 is definitely there...

Thank a lot!