LPC2388 unable to program after power reset

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by louislo on Wed Mar 19 03:49:29 MST 2014
We were testing on programming LPC2388 using a blank program via JTAG ( new project, select lpc2388 to create automated files)
at first try, it was able to detect LPC-link device ARM7TDMI-S and program it by just selecting the target axf file. From the pop up window, it can be seen flash write done.

After removing the jtag connection and removed power supply and reconnect back, when try to program again a window will popup prompting JTAG configuration error , " IR Length required.Entering an incorrect value will prevent the debugger from connecting."
seems like the device cant be found after wards.

To temporary solve the issue, we have to use KEIL to re-program or erase an existing file so re-program of LPC2388 using Expresso. Just that once the power is removed, re-program will prompt the error stated above,

Using other pc will prompt similiar error and solution provided from this link, but it doesnt solve the problem

any ideas?