Unable to RESET LPC2387 processors

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by barny on Wed Dec 04 01:43:01 MST 2013
Can anyone help me.
We have been produces 5 different products and they all used the LPC2368 for years. We have had NO problems with them.
We then decided to upgrade our processor to the LPC2387. The LPC2368 and LPC2387 are pin compatiable. We then started experiencing problems with loading HEX files to the LPC2387 using FlashMagic. We could load the once but afterwards could not load again. After further investigation it appears that the processor isn’t seeing a reset input.
So we set up a test and had a 47k pull resistor to the reset input (pulled up to 3v3) and a switch to ground (0v). We found that LPC2387 processors which were revision B didn’t experience this problem, but Revision D processors would just not see the reset input.
Is anyone aware of any reset issues with certain processors?