LPC2103 PLL setup with Keil µVision and Peripheral Clock, what is XCLKDIV?

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Hello everyone,

I'm currently working on revising an old project which was handed over to me with a LPC2103 where I need to port all communication from IIC to Uart.
Sounds easy and it should be, but I'm running into clock problems.


Xtal: 16,9344MHz
PLL multiplier: 3
APDIV: 4 (called VPBDIV in microvision)

Therefore the CPU should clock at 50,7MHz, the Peripheral/uart clock should run at 12,7MHz and I decided to run Uart at 38400 Baud.

But in the startup.s/Keil's config wizard there's a something called XCLKDIV, which I assume is the external oscilator input divider which was also set to 4.
No my real problem is that I do not understand or find what XCLKDIV really is and what it does, because to me it seems it doesnt act as a divider but as a multiplier.

Example: I have Uart0 configured to run at 38400 Baud but it actually runs at 156K, so 4 times the Baud I set. Setting XCLKDIV to 1 (== CLK) it runs at 38400 Baud but some other peripherals stop working correctly.

Could someone please tell me what that XCKDIV is?