Keil's TCPIP stack software libraries

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by dodge55 on Mon Mar 02 10:33:49 MST 2015
Has anyone used Keil's TCPIP stack software and/or their SMTP add on? We have had lots of trouble integrating it properly with our LPC2148. Keil indicates that it can run without a RTOS (and it says that on their website writeup), but we are having difficulty getting it to work properly in this mode. Our system is an event driven system, and they don't allow you to put their required 'polling ethernet' routine in an interrupt. Which means we have to flood our code with calls to their function, otherwise ports and sockets close and cause lots of reset packets. Very inefficient. Besides that, they don't allow access to source code, so we have instances where ports and sockets don't get closed correctly, so it's hard to figure out what the problem is. Could be our code or their code, and they are trying to help, but won't give out any source code. I have been very disappointed with their software.

So, I'm looking for other alternatives. I've heard that most TCPIP stack providers allow certain access to source code, but don't know for sure. Anyone out there have any good suggestions for TCPIP stack code and functions? With access to source code, so we can tweak if we need to? I don't want to have to develop any code, and reinvent the wheel, if there are good alternatives out there.