Unable to retrieve disassembly data from backend.

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i'm programming my CPU LPC2468 and my program run really good in debug mode.
Now, when i compile in release mode, my program stop tu function correctly and fall
in an infinite loop in an "if" instruction. I look the disassembly code and in the if instruction
i have the following:

boolean I2CEngine(time_t timeout)
while (!done)
if (I2CMasterState == DATA_NACK)
//result = I2CStop();
done = true;

In this case the I2CMasterState is modified in the interrupt routine and the degug show
that the the if condition is sutisfacted.


00002a00:   bge     0x2a0c <I2CEngine+28>
442       I2CStop();
00002a04:   bl      0x29a4 <I2CStop>
446       done = true;
00002a08:   mov     r3, #255        ; 0xff
451       if (I2CMasterState == DATA_NACK)
00002a0c:   ldr     r2, [pc, #32]   ; 0x2a34 <I2CEngine+68>
449       while (!done)
00002a10:   cmp     r3, #0
451       if (I2CMasterState == DATA_NACK)
00002a14:   Unable to retrieve disassembly data from backend.
00002a15:   movs    r0, #0
00002a17:   b.n     0x25be <coreFlashROMWrite+158>

Looking the disassembly there is also a missing coerence of the logic flow of the portion of program that i don't understand.

Thank u for u attention.