LPC2368 HID issues with implementing interrupt IN and OUT pipe together

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by manoS on Mon Sep 08 23:43:20 MST 2014

I am new to USB HID protocol.

I am using LPC2368 to implement HID protocol.

My requirement is to send data to host at given time interval and to accept some response from host/PC which is independent of the data being sent by device to host.
For this have done implementation using interrupt pipes:
IN Pipe (End Point number 1) ---> To send data to Host/PC.
OUT Pipe (End Point number 4) ---> To receive data from Host/PC.

When I test these pipes individually, they work absolutely OK.

But when implemented together following problems /observations are seen:
1. IN Pipe works fine initially. But wen something is sent on OUT pipe(by Host) it is received via Control Pipe (Pipe 0).
2.At this instance IN Pipe stops working.

Can someone please let me know :
1. Is there something wrong with implementation logic?
2. Cant we have IN interrupt Pipe and OUT interrupt Pipe initialized in one application?

Looking forward for reply.