Developement C code: Load Software using ISP Boot Loader

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by vincent.gad on Tue Sep 16 12:22:18 MST 2014

I am having difficulties to perform successive read/write operations on the ISP of the LTC2294/01. Do you have any what could be the cause?

To give you an overview of what I am able to do:
I manage to synchronize with the ISP of the LTC2294/01, exchange Part ID and Boot Code version (for which I am receiving exotic values) ...
I am also capable of reading an address from FLASH memory. I have done 4, 8 and 12 bytes reading fine ... but when I attempt to send a command to read another address or the same address I have response from the ISP without the command success. Also data are not compliant ... Basically, I read @(A) fine, go to read @(B) ... and come back to read @(A) from which data read are not correct.

In fact, the location I am reading @(A) is actually 0x1FC, the Code read Protection. The value I have there is no where close to what is expected to have the full Boot Loader control. However, it does not seems to be a problem since I am able to read it correctly (verified with the Kiel Debugger)

Thank you for your help.