Code downloading Problem

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by sudheer kumar on Thu Jun 04 06:51:30 MST 2015
we have the following problem,while code downloading to LPC-2468 by using LPCLINK-2 Debugger in J-Link mode.

Info: Adaptive clocking not supported for selected CPU core. Only supported for -S cores.
Info: Auto JTAG speed: 2667 kHz
***JLink Warning: RESET (pin 15) high, but should be low. Please check target hardware.
Info: Core does not stop after Reset, setting WP to stop it.
***JLink Warning: PC of target system has unexpected value of 0x40000000 after reset.
JTAG speed: 2667 kHz
***JLink Error: Read memory error @ address 0xE01FC040, word access: Core error.
*** JLINK_AGDI-Error: cannot setup break at 0x40000000
Erase Failed!

what is the reason for this error, does this LPCLINK-2 debugger supports ARM7 core or not for debugging?