Strange Behavior of Timer in LPC2468

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i'm using LPCXpresso and LPC-link programmer with LPC2468 CPU. I wrote the following code, and i have a strange behavior of timer. When i debug step by step the timer takes random values to each advancement of step. That means that i pass from 0x002 to 0x6788 and later to 0x10 and so on.
Can someone say me an example of the ISR hangling in LPCXpresso using Timer0??

I post the code:

void delayMS(unsigned int milliseconds);
void initClocks(void);
void initTimer0(void);
void T0_Interrupt(void);

void setupPLL0(void);
void feedSeq(void);
void connectPLL0(void);

unsigned int i=0;

int main(void)
    initClocks(); //Initialize CPU and Peripheral Clocks @ 60Mhz
    initTimer0(); //Initialize Timer0

    IO0DIR = 0xFFFFFFFF; //Configure all pins on Port 0 as Output
    IO0PIN = 0xF;
    T0TCR = 0x01; //Enable timer

    i++; //Only to test timer instrucion by instruction
    while(1); //Infinite Idle Loop

void initTimer0(void)
    T0CTCR = 0x0;

    T0PR = 0;

    T0MR0 = DELAY_MS-1;

    T0MCR = MR0I | MR0R; //Set bit0 & bit1 to High which is to : Interrupt & Reset TC on MR0 

    //----------Setup Timer0 Interrupt-------------

    VICVectAddr4 = (void*)T0_Interrupt; //Pointer Interrupt Function (ISR)

    VICIntEnable = 0x10; //Enable timer0 int

    T0TCR = 0x02; //Reset Timer

__attribute__ ((interrupt ("irq")))
void T0_Interrupt(void)
    long int regVal;
    regVal = T0IR; //Read current IR value
    T0IR = regVal; //Write back to IR to clear Interrupt Flag