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imx-21 and emma_binary

Question asked by Marcel Henrique Trabuco on May 15, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2008 by Christian Bauer
I'm developing a project with imx-21 arm processor in company where I work (Wise Indústria de Telecomunicações from Brazil). I want implemented video decoder in board with imx21, I use hantro decoder, emma player (emma-binary-mx21-2.0) and linux kernel 2.4.20.

I need compile the package emma-binary-mx21-2.0, especially emma-play, because I need to increase the variable rtp.size in emma_play.c. But to recompile the source code, I need file config.mak, included in emma_play makefile, because the package emma-binary-mx21-2.0, don't contains this file.

How do I do to get the file config.mak of emma-binary-mx21-2.0???

I use ltib (BSP version TO3.2), the emma-binary is package from Ltib. I already try recompile using Ltib, but I don't get sucess, because Ltib don't make the new executables.

How do I do to recompile emma-binary???


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