LPC2214 Questions / Concerns - Comment Please

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by birdbren on Mon Mar 17 10:22:18 MST 2014
I expect that we will be using an NXP LPC2214 instead of the AT91SAM7x256. My original question was about the pin out on the IAR I-Jet which was answered by IAR's tech support.

My current questions are

1) Can I write to individual bits on a port or do I have to write to the whole port at once?

2) How portable is code between the LPC210x and say the LPC2109, LPC2214?

3) If I'm turning on an LED which uses 20ma or 30ma and I gang 2 port pins together will this damage the port pins drivers over time? I'm assuming that one pin is brought high or low before the other pin is brought to the same state, and therefore causes the pins to be overdriven.