LPC2387 interfacing with SC16IS762

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I am interfacing LPC2387 with SC16IS762(which is SPI to UART converter).
1) My problem is when I read 2 or more register it gives same value as 1st one. I think LPC or converter IC buffer is not clear.
2) when I read first time I get alwas 0xff in my buffer
SSP configure as 8 bit data, CPOL=0,CPHA=0,clock=0x20,SCR=0x07 (I use SSP1)
below is my code
SSP read

while(!(SSP1SR & SSPSR_TNF));
   SSP1DR=(unsigned char)adr;

while ( SSP1SR & SSPSR_BSY );
while ( !(SSP1SR & SSPSR_RNE) );
ssp_return_data=(unsigned char)SSP1DR;

SSP write

while(!(SSP1SR & SSPSR_TNF));
    while ( SSP1SR & SSPSR_BSY );
   while ( (SSP1SR & (SSPSR_BSY|SSPSR_RNE)) != SSPSR_RNE );

Please help me I am struct here for more than 2 days