lpc11u14 API software could not detect com port after re-plug

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by wilson.lee on Mon Jan 26 06:35:04 MST 2015
Hi, Everyone,

I have a problem of LPC11u14 USB CDC function.

My sscom terminal software could not read lpc11u14 com port after I re-plug usb, but I can see the lpc11u14 com port in device manager.

The testing steps as below:
1. plug in lpc11u14 usb
2. open sscom
3. select lpc11u14 com port, and connection succefully
4. plug out lpc11u14 usb (sscom still open com port)
5. plug in lpc11u14 usb
6. close sscom com port fail, and just close sscome software.
7. open sscom software again, but I could not read any com port from sscome
    and there is no com port I could select.

Please help me to solved this issue.
Thank you very much