Can LPCXpresso tool program firmware generated by Keil uVision into internal flash via Keil uLink2?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by stanley76726 on Wed Mar 12 05:47:31 MST 2014
Hello all,

As titled, I tried but failed...  :(

For some reasons, I need to program the .axf file, pre-compiled by Keil uVision4,  to the internal flash of my LPC11C24/301.

The purpose of this is similar to mine.

So I connected uLink2 from the PC to the device, clicked the "Program Flash" button on LPCXpresso, and failed.

Error messages are described as follows:
    Flash driver "ProgramPage" timeout (300ms) PC: FFFFFFFE

Anyone has some experiences like this? Thanks!