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i'm trying to use the UART on my LPC11U67, but i couldn't get any signal... (I measured with my scope, but get only a flat line at 3,3V)

Since there isn't a evaluation board of the lpc11u67, i mounted the LPC to a SMD TO PIN OUT ADAPTER. Now i'm trying to (re)use the LPCOpen periph_uart_n_rb example LPCOpen-Lib. (I tried  the v2.11 (LPCXpresso LPC11E68) and v2.06 (LPCXpresso LPC11U68 board)). For porting the example to my situation, i changed the MCU to LPC11U67 and added the symbol "NO_BOARD_LIB" to the ProjectSettings. You will find my source attached.

Is there someone, which ported the examples succesfully to a LPC11U67?

Thanks in advance!


Original Attachment has been moved to: uart_n_rb.c.zip