LPC11U68 wrong GPIO Address range

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i'm new to the LPC11U68 and i'm encountering a little problem. In the PDF Manual v1.3 (UM10732) on page 102 the offset for the addresses is different from what the Keil debugger and lpc11u6x.h header file shows me.

In the Manual the offset for W0..W31 is 0x1000 to 0x105C (96 Addresses = 24 Regs x 4 Bytes).
The first problem is the wrong W31 which should be W23 because W24 to W31 are not present at this controller.

But the main problem is the offset of 0x1000 which i think is not right. The header file defines the following offsets:
uint8_t   B[88];           /*Byte pin registers*/
uint32_t  RESERVED0[42];
uint32_t  W[88];         /*Word pin registers*/
uint32_t  RESERVED1[1896];
uint32_t  DIR[3];         /*Port Direction registers*/

This leads for me to 88 + 42*4 = 256 / 0x100 as offset for the Wxx Registers which is the same the Keil Debugger shows. So am i right that the offset shouldn't be 0x1000 but 0x100 for the W Registers?