USB Library debug using Keil V4.60

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by kwinchell on Tue Mar 26 06:01:06 MST 2013
I am using the Keil uvision SDK
I am trying to understand how the USB V0.98 is functioning. 
I built the Library for the MCB11U10 board to run the Generic HID Example.
I wanted to step through the process of CALLBACK_HID_Device_CreateHIDReport() getting called.
In the debugging session, I found it gets called by HID_Device_USBTask().

While examining the variables using the Keil debugger, the variables clearly had the wrong values.
After closer examination, I noticed the debugger was using the wrong addresses for the variables.

This initial SP was 0x10000430, and 0x10000400 on entry to HID_Device_USBTask().  Here is what I found:

Variable  Debug Adr  SP Access  Act Adr
ReportId  100003FC   SP + 18   10000418
ReportINSize 003F8   SP + 14   10000414
ForceSend 100003F4   SP + 10   10000410
StatesChanged  3F0   SP + 0C   1000040C

It is like the debugger is using the wrong value for its SP.

Any Ideas?