NXP Dc-to-Dc boost Converter 1A to LPC11U6X

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I am using a LPC11U6X for HandBox with CoG Display (2x16 FSTN +, 3Vdd) and Keypad. Also a buzzer, 95 mA. And a RF module, 700mA when Tx. 35mA when Rx and 8uA in Stb.

I need a Dc-to-Dc boost converter to AA x 3 rechargables, 1,2V x 2.500mAh in parallel. With one fixed output of 3V3 and 900-1000mA of current.

NXP Is there a product I can use to solve this?  I have seen the PCA9410, but the input voltages is high, 2.5V. and current is 500mA.