i2c_master_transmit_poll soetimes transmits nothing

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by remcopoelstra on Fri Oct 31 06:48:56 MST 2014

I'm using the I2C rom driver on an LPC11A12. Setup runs fine (I get back a handle and no error when I set the bitrate).
Sometimes when I then call i2c_master_transmit_poll(), the function returns LPC_OK, but nothing is transmitted. Other times, it works fine, so I assume it must be a timing issue.
Unfortunately I've no idea where to start looking.
The SCL and SDA lines are high, so the bus is free.
The STAT register is 0xF8, so the controller is doing nothing.
Under what circumstances can the i2c_master_transmit_poll() return LPC_OK while not transmitting any data?

Thanks in advance.

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Remco Poelstra